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Teeth Whitening OrlandoOrlando Teeth Whitening – Whiten Teeth 8 Shades Lighter In Just One Hour

Zoom Teeth Whitening in Orlando, Florida with Desai Dental

If you are suffering from stained or discolored teeth, but long for an attractive, bright smile Teeth Whitening Orlandothat is noticeable to others, then Zoom teeth whitening, performed by Dr. Desai, may be the best solution for you and is teeth whitening Orlando trusts.

Considered to be safe, quick and effective, teeth whitening Orlando via the Zoom procedure can result in a dramatically brighter and whiter smile in approximately one hour.

How Zoom Teeth Whitening Works

With no pain and as simple as 1-2-3, the Zoom teeth whitening procedure starts with the preparation of your mouth for the whitening process. Orlando dentist Dr. Desai makes sure that a patient’s gums and lips are protected from the teeth whitening gel that is applied to the teeth next – the same gel that is then activated by a special laser light. The procedure is finished once the teeth have received a unique fluoride treatment.

How Much Brighter Will My Smile Be?

Teeth Whitening OrlandoAfter the Zoom teeth whitening procedure by Dr. Desai, you will see a drastic change in your smile’s brightness.

Patients can generally expect to see anywhere from about five to eight shades different – and, in some cases, it can be more. Many patients even see whiter results for the first several days following the in-office procedure with the best dentist in Orlando, Dr. Desai. The results are nothing short of amazing!

Because Zoom takes just over an hour, this teeth whitening process is perfect for any individual looking to obtain immediate results in their smile. Zoom! teeth whitening is much more convenient than other teeth whitening methods (such as gradual and trays) making it

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Nothing like a pearly white first impression!

ideal for those on-the-go and leading busy, hectic lifestyles.

If you want a movie star grin on your lunch break, then Zoom! teeth whitening with dentists in Orlando Florida is the answer.

Dr. Desai is ready to turn your unattractive smile into a confident one. Give Desai Dental a call today at  (407) 487-2244 to schedule your Orlando Zoom teeth whitening appointment and start living your life in confidence.

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